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Rise to the Challenge 21 Days | Starts 7 August 2023


21 day Healthy Habits Challenge

STARTS: Monday 7 August 2023

This challenge was designed to heighten your wellness focus and promote good habits that set a foundation for your heath.

On purchasing this product, you will receive an A4 printable focus sheet to track your progress, and guidelines to assist you in making the most of this challenge.


You have an opportunity to WIN your day everyday.

This challenge encourages 8 Healthy Habits that will enrich your life.

Below are the requirement to earn your points for the day,

  1. Fitness – Perform 30min of physical activity
  2. Fruit – Consume 2 fruits
  3. Veg – Consume 3 Cups of Veg
  4. No Alcohol – Consume no alcohol
  5. No gluten/Added Sugar – Consume no gluten/added sugar
  6. Water Intake – Consume 3 litres of water
  7. Get into Nature – Get outside
  8. Podcast – A minimum of 10min of listening and learning

You do NOT need to achieve the PERFECT score everyday but by the end of the 21 days you will be a healthier and happier version of yourself.

You will also receive access to a weekly motivational Zoom call to give you additional guidelines to make the most of the challenge and connect you to a community with similar goals.

Monday – 7 August 18:30

Monday – 14 August 18:30

Monday – 21 August 18:30

(Zoom access will be sent to all participants on Monday 7 August.)


This challenge also includes access 5 x 30min Zoom workouts per week

Workouts will take place live at 6am on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday
– Recordings will be made available for those who cannot attend the sessions.


If you thrive with accountability – join us and start this challenge on Monday 7 August.

Please Note This product does not include a Nutritional Plan.


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