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There is boundary breaking power in a community of women filled with dreams and a determined purpose.

The tremendous need in South Africa could cause one to feel overwhelmed and even powerless, inclined to give up; alternatively, we could Rise to the challenge and be an integral link in meeting those needs.

Harnessed and surging forward together we can achieve a powerful purpose what will absorb and draw in the needy and hurting, bringing about a meaningful and lasting change that has the potential to reach the hearts and homes of South Africa.

We can’t meet every need, neither can we fix everything that’s broken, but every contribution and involvement, like the pebble cast into the pond, has the potential to start a ripple effect of small acts that cause a wave of change.

Purposely sharing your kind deeds could inspire another to do the same. The submission of this form allows us to honour you for your contribution to changing this nation – our land, one life at a time, one relationship at a time, one kind deed at a time.

Please share in as much detail as possible, below, what pebbles you have cast, that are potentially changing this Nation.

RISE A Nation Feedback Form

Rise Women lift each other up and go above and beyond to empower other women



    Area of assistance: Select the need or needs (required)

    UnemploymentAnti CrimeHungerPollutionEducationGuidance or MentorshipOther

    We can’t help everyone – but everyone can help someone