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Words from the Rise Community

Words from the Rise Community

What a beautiful initiative! They draw you in with the exercise and then once you are there, they get you right in the feels.


“I’ve been on such a high since Saturday morning. It’s been really inspiring to see two powerful women get together to create a fun, creative and inspiring space for women to get together and be healthy as well.”


What a life impacting morning with Rise. Thank you for teaching us that through kindness, gentleness and nurturing we can still rise as strong women. Thank you for being real and vulnerable, you are living examples of what Rise women should strive to be. Thank you Jesus for a generation of RISE women.


“You guys are doing such an amazing thing. Thank you for the inspiration and the goodies. I pray that so many lives will be touched through you beautiful ladies.”


I was feeling really low. And your words about us women being strong through our vulnerability touched me. It is so hard to do that but I am really bad at being strong. So thanks for all these reminders.


“You are a living testimony and God is using you as a vessel. I think there is nothing more beautiful than that. Before the event started I prayed that God would just help me see his hand in me going to this event all by myself (something I never ever do), as you were speaking I had this wave of peace and reassurance wash over me. If your mission was to inspire or uplift at least one person today, you definitely did that. Thank you for your incredible hospitality, the way you shared your special heart and for being so humble. I have always had the utmost respect for you, you are the epitome of a Godly Woman, and that is even more important.”