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Tamarin Moult

The striking thread through the interview with Tamarin Moult of Tora Grace, is her determination to not only see the positives, but to practise the positives by creating wholesome moments for her family to celebrate the beauty of life.

Being a mother of three, has not deterred Tamarin from making a point of taking 30 minutes every morning to drink her coffee in her favourite chair in the garden, together with her Gratitude Journal.

Painting this beautiful image of peace, calm and order, Tamarin says: “I find that starting the day outdoors changes my mindset for that whole day.

It is also important to me that we as a family sit together every night and eat dinner, even when we have had a challenging day, and in addition to that, all general family time is shared without our devices, which are left in the room”.

 Asked how the Lockdown had impacted her routine, Tamarin said it had been a struggle, with ups and downs. The biggest effect being the unknown, together with not having dates to work with, learning to let go of what she couldn’t control or change, which she had found to be a constant challenge.

With the onset of Lockdown, Tamarin saw the value of staying active on social media, and engaging positively with the community.

Having made the decision previously, to keep the brand personal and not to move to a ‘corporate’ style feed, meant her ‘amazing Insta family, and many of her clients who were so inspirational’ would often see stories and posts which regularly  incorporated their daily actions and activities. 

She says she has learnt to distance herself from the negativity and just ‘stay in her lane’ adding, that she found Instagram an incredibly creative and positive platform.

The other effect of Lockdown, meant limited trips to the shops, which in turn meant less money spent and more thought put into meal planning, which converted to an all round winner at the end of the day.

Tora Grace, the business,  experienced its greatest impact during stage 5, when it was completely non-operational.  The family used this time productively to declutter, and,  donate clothes and toys, as well as allow Tamarin to just be a mom. She says she learnt to love just being home more and being more grateful for the safe space her home represented.  And in spite of the added responsibility of home schooling, Tamarin found a pleasant reprieve in not having to collect and cart for extra murals.

“The Lockdown sale we ran at Tora Grace, was so well supported and the messages and emails received from clients and our support base has been incredible. Our clients have been beyond patient and we are so grateful for that.”  Says Tamarin, adding, “Tora and I sent out thank-you cards which we made during lockdown, with every single order placed.  Tora signed each card with a little paint printed heart, which also included a ‘thank you’ discount coupon code. All purposefully done, to show our clientele how much we value their support”.

Business-wise we are remaining positive, but will continue to move forward with a more conservative approach and have put a few projects on hold until things stabilize.

Setting fear and restrictions aside, Tamarin says the thing she would love to dare to do the most, is to start another jewellery/accessory brand, incorporating locally made fabrics, beads  and textiles and to create some means of employment for the less fortunate, it was an idea which she had been toying with before COVID-19 and now she just needs the courage to follow through with.

We at RISE WOMEN hope that the inspiration she has, will be fueled with wisdom as a result of her moments in the garden.


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