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Connectable Life Mind & Wellness with Jess Mostert & Stacey Spilsbury

Connectable Life is an innovative online hub that the founders believe, provide a connection for mind body and wellness Specialists with their Clients. It is through this platform, (which had its groundbreaking origins over the proverbial cup of coffee between the two friends, Jess and Stacey), that Clients can find a Specialist, book their online appointment, make a payment, and have their video consultation in the privacy of their home. Amongst the therapies available, are counsellors, dietitians, life coaches, and lactation specialists

Their strong belief is that living a healthy and balanced lifestyle equates to living to your fullest, responsibly, making healthy choices towards achieving your goals, and thereby reaching that innermost goal every human being desires, which is HAPPINESS and PEACE.  So, to be considered healthy, all these aspects of body, soul and mind need to be aligned. “Gone are the days”, says Jess, “when healthy merely means the absence of disease”.

The Connectable Life slogan ‘Your Global Meeting Place’, arose from the need to compensate for the time factor. Being cognizant of the fact, that people cannot reach out for help when they are working a full day and have busy family lives, and so the thought was berthed, to have international Specialists, who could override the time zones challenges, and enable the Client to receive this help outside of office and family hours, at a time most suited to them, the Client.

Since Covid-19, they had a strong mind shift towards the Specialists in the scenario, because they observed that it was these people who were grounded at home and not receiving an income and that they were the ones who needed the support.  The focus shifted to South African Specialists, in the hope that by them joining the platform, they could remain in business, in the safety of their Lockdown environment.

With reference to her home situation, Jess relayed, that at the start of Lockdown, things had felt rather chaotic and all-over-the-place.  Then there was a moment of realization, around week 4 that this was the new way of life, and as a family, they decided things could not continue the way they were, as it was not beneficial.  They found that setting a ‘timetable’ and structured routine for the house had really helped, with a new emphasis placed on attention to a single task being attended to at a time and gradually things began to feel so much  more manageable.


Stacey says: “It would have been nice to have been more prepared for home-schooling, had we known this was going to become our reality”. They found Social media to be a lifeline. It enabled them to remain connected in a time when the world was unprecedentally  disconnected. The most obvious difference they experienced,  was regarding the use of video and video platforms. They found that during pre-lockdown days, people had preferred to simply text and not be ‘seen’- but  a few days into Lockdown, people began setting up video calls with friends, family and associates they hadn’t seen for years and surprisingly enough, also those they had  seen recently!

Jess made reference to the rise of TikTok, saying:  “Gosh, we have even found ourselves getting involved and learning new dance moves, which has really kept us entertained and happy. And then, of course, from a business perspective the most notable difference would be everybody making an extra effort to take their business online. People have been amazing at finding ways to keep their business alive during this time. There has also been an incredible push to ‘support local’, which has been super refreshing”

 Asked, what they would undertake, should there be absolutely no resistance or restrictions, they said, that the cherry on top would be when Connectable Life got to the point where they could begin to give back to society, thereby creating a bigger circle of help.  “Then we will know that we have made it”

We at RISE WOMEN, wish Jess and Stacey super success and look forward to seeing their dreams come true!


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